I have been sewing for most of my life, and I have been working with computers since before the microprocessor existed.  Computerized machine embroidery is the combination of those two loves, and I found it a few years ago in the back of a craft magazine.  Susan found it first, but I quickly swiped it from her. :-) 

I have a few designs I have digitized that you may download for free.  The copyright for these designs remains with me, Dave Johnsen, 1999-2008.  These designs may be sewed on things for your own use, on items to give away, and items to sell.   If you sew them on items to sell, you must include my website address and copyright information with each purchase.  I have no plans to sell designs, but do like hearing from people who have enjoyed my designs.

The designs may not be resold in any form, nor included in any other website.  You may share these designs with friends, as long as you include my website and copyright information with them.  There is a file in each of the zip files you might download that includes the copyright information and internet address URL.

Thanks for following these small requests, and I will keep making new weird designs.