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These are some feet designs that were for a special project.  I hope you enjoy them.

Please note that the pictures in all sections are not to scale with each other or actual items depicted.  Just click on the underlined name to download.  It will download a zip file that contains the picture, the .pes file, and a text file with stitching size, color chart and copyright information.

allifrnt.gif (1248 bytes) alliback.gif (2313 bytes) armadillo.gif (606 bytes) deerfoot.gif (692 bytes)
Alligator Front Feet   Alligator Back Feet   Armadillo Foot Deer Foot
dogfoot.gif (704 bytes) egrtfoot.gif (584 bytes) foxfoot.gif (682 bytes)

rabfeet.gif (667 bytes)

Dog Foot Egret Foot Fox Foot Rabbit Feet
ottrfeet.gif (3107 bytes) sqlfeet.gif (673 bytes) skunk.gif (838 bytes) You want all the feet?

  Download this one, it contains all the feet zip files in one big nested zip file.  Cataloging programs will not be able to deal with this one, it must be unzipped manually..

River Otter Foot Squirrel Foot  Skunk Foot   All the Feet

Here are some other files I have done for various reasons.

panda.gif (3608 bytes) heart.gif (4538 bytes) sun.gif (5321 bytes) toque.gif (1793 bytes)
Panda Stabilize this one very well, it's quite dense.  Doesn't do well on t-shirts. Heart  This one is dense too, stabilize well. Sun  This is a special project, and downloading this zip file will get you instructions on how to get ten more designs for a post card. Toque This was done for a friend.
Cooking Wine.gif (19224 bytes) liz1.gif (4598 bytes) acoma1.gif (925 bytes) Needcoffee.gif (14370 bytes)
Cooking with Wine.   Of course a good wine shouldn't be wasted in cooking it! Lizard  Similar to a famous thirsty lizard. Sample  This is another special project, and downloading this zip file will get you instructions on how to get twenty more files in this series. Need Coffee Another rendition of the time honored tradition.
whip.gif (712 bytes) target.gif (4631 bytes) f117.gif (3198 bytes) size.gif (2191 bytes)
Whip This was used on a project leaders shirt. Target  This was asked for one of the lists.  Two sizes.    This is the stealth fighter that was asked for on a list. Two sizes.  Amazing!  You just hang something in your closet for a while...

2.65x2.41 inches - 5,227 stitches 

bornscrap.gif (2391 bytes)

venividi.gif (1945 bytes) Decoherence.gif (4717 bytes)
My Goal is to live forever, so far so good. Born To Scrap Some people embroider, some scrap.  I live with a scrapper! Veni Vidi Scrappi Is Scrappi Latin for I scrapped? Decoherence This is the equation that finally put Schroedinger's cat to rest.
download.gif (2216 bytes)

sorry404.gif (1175 bytes)

another.gif (2029 bytes) Aspirin.gif (6581 bytes)
Download I have designs I will never sew out, but they are sooooo cute! Sorry 404 I have these days sometimes.  It would be better to warn folks. Another Good decisions come from experience.  Experience comes from bad decisions. Acetyl Salicylic Acid  Wearing this won't keep headaches from happening, but it might help.
flying.gif (2906 bytes)

Flying Cessna Logo Cherokee Here you see the wing on the proper side. 2 + 2  This is only true for large values of two..

Biohazard three sizes Atom  needed for a science day project for a friend. Smiley Just to brighten up your day. Smiley with tongue  In case your day wasn't bright enough.
Young at heart.  Slightly older in other places.  (It sews the heart twice, once for underlayment) Younger Sister Mandarin simplified Older Sister Mandarin simplified Coffee Please  When you just need to have a cup.

If you have a question about the designs, please e-mail me.  I can't promise an answer, but I promise to be perplexed with you. :)   All of the pictures on this page were from Designer's Gallery, which can save a preview as a bitmap.  I then converted the pictures using IrfanView.  If it doesn't look the same on your machine, you may be missing a font.  Change it to .hus format and then back again using Designer's Gallery or other tool and that should solve the problem.

You are free to sew these out on items for yourself, items to give away, and items to sell.  The designs themselves belong to me, and their copyright resides with me, Dave Johnsen, 1999 through 2008.  You may not distribute them as part of design packages for sale, nor may you put them on another website.   You can e-mail them to friends, as long as you include the copyright information and the URL where you got them.  The designs are in .pes, but you can convert them to any format you like.

Copyright 1997-2008 by David J Johnsen.  All rights reserved.  Please inform me of broken links.