Johnsen Family


Here is 2003

Holly and Jillian on Valentine's day.  As always, we love celebrating all the holidays.







On our 28th anniversary, we went to the beach, sans children.  At least for a couple of days.







Then we got them back, and had a gob of fun at the beach.  This is a little grotto just south of Depot Bay, near Cape Foulweather.  We just thought it was pretty.




Here's all of us at the Lookout on Cape Foulweather.  I set the camera on the ground and used a self timer.








This is at "The Devil's Punchbowl" State Park.  It was low tide so we had lots tide pools and little animals.  No animals were injured or removed.











This is Holly, doing her strong man imitation.












Jill on a rock on the beach

Jill hanging out on a rock on the beach.





Mo's in Cannon BeachThis is Mo's.  We like their chowder, as everyone does.  New England style, but better than any I have had there.





Sunset at the beach

These next two pictures are a sunset from our window at Gleneden Beach.


















Lucy and Holly at the beach

Lucy and Holly getting ready to feed the seagulls at the D River Wayside











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