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Holly loves Mulan, and anything to do with Mulan.  She is holding up the smallest shirt available in this design at the Disney Store.  Does it look a bit large for her?  She thought so too, but wears it as a night gown.

It is now too late to get anything of Mulan from Disney, except on rare occasions.  But e-bay is a source of lots of Mulan stuff.

At Holly's school, they can get to be "Self Managers" so they can go to the bathroom when they need to, go to activities as required, etc.  Holly was so proud of passing the requirements, and wore her badge home to show us.


Jillian, Missy and Holly.  They are having a sleep-over.

Pool is full, but there is a dangerous Killer Whale on the loose!

Holly, Jillian and Missy having a fine time on the first day of the pool.  It turns out the hill was too sloped, so the water ran out in a whoosh one minute, and then the dogs ate a hole in the bottom. :-(

We have a new pool now, but it's not installed yet, lots of bulldozing to be done still.  I hope it gets done by the beginning of the summer.

Missy, Jillian and Holly rolling the cement mixer around the yard.  It's pretty heavy, so it takes all three of them.

We made stepping stones in the shape of dog paws out of the cement..

Holly near Johnson Creek on a field trip.  They learned about river and creek ecosystems, and talked about how you can help out.  Now I can't wash the car in the driveway.  (Like I ever washed the cars anyhow.)

The does so well in school that you would never think there was an adjustment problem.

This is an actual driveable VW beetle.  I found it in Houston, Texas, while visiting my friend Paula.  She thought she would take me to the weirdest museum in Houston, and she was right.


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