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Here are some more random pictures from our family life.  This page, and most of mine, are optimally viewed at 800x600.  These are from 1998

Two ornery dogs.

These are the dogs.  Harry is the brown one, and Buckaroo is the ostensibly white one.  Buckaroo is a West Highland White Terrier.  We got him from a lady who was moving to an apartment.  Harry was found in front of the library, and became ours through the owner's wishes.  He is a Cairn Terrier.  Hairy was originally going to be named Hare', after the joke in the Muppet Movie, but I was overruled.  When it comes to dogs, I am always overruled.

They have killed a couple of large rats coming down from the hill, so they do earn their keep a little bit.  






Jillian and Holly at the "Festival of the Trees"

Here are Jilly and Holly at the "Festival of the Trees"  This is an annual event put on as a hospital fund raiser.  The girls have matching outfits each year for the family holiday cards.

It gets harder each year to find them.  This year we may have to resort to patterns and sewing.




This is Holly with her new glasses.  She really takes good care of them.   Much better than I take care of mine, but mine are cheap reading glasses.  Now that I am getting bifocals (shudder) I am going to have to learn from Holly.










Holly at Johnson creek on a field trip.Holly and Jillian really enjoy the holidays each year, and we always have a large Douglas Fir for the tree.  At this juncture, we no longer have room for the adult ornaments, as we only have room for the girls' individual ornaments.

We generally decorate just after Thanksgiving, and take the tree down on New Years day.  The train track is a traditional around the tree type, in G scale.


Feeding the ducks.

The three lights in my universe going out to the Crystal Springs garden to feed the ducks.  No bread, just lots of cracked corn.  Why cracked corn?  Well, if Jimmy don't care, I don't either.

Actually, bread is very bad for the ducks and for the environment.  We buy cracked corn in 50lb bags, and then carry just what we need for each trip.  Days just after a bunch of rain are best, the ducks are real hungry, and the crowds haven't shown up.

The next few pictures are from this same trip.

Duck pond fountain.

Jillian and Holly at the fountain at the garden.  It gets turned off at night.

Hand feeding a goose.In addition to the ducks, there are some aggressive geese here too.  Many of them will eat out of your hand.  Not too many ducks will, but the squirrels will take peanuts out of your hand too.

Over Thanksgiving in 1998, we went to Knott's Berry Farm, and Jillian was in Mecca.   It's mentioned a bit on her page.  Here Holly and Jillian are giving hugs after the lighting of the Christmas tree at the main square.

Keep checking back, you never know when I will put more up.  Heck, I never know when I will put more up.


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