Johnsen Family


These are just some random pictures from our family life.  We may add or subtract photos as time and inclination permits.

Susan as a beautiful bride.

This is a our wedding photo, from 1975.  But I was married to her from the moment I met her.  Just took me a while to convince her.  I did wait an entire week to tell her I was going to marry her.  I figured I had lots of time, as we were going to be together forever.  It's been almost 32 years, and no sign of the finish line yet.

Still the absolute best decision I ever made.  I can't really take credit for it, though, any more than I can take credit for breathing.  It's just what is. 

Jillian in a C130

This is Jillian at almost 4.  This is a cockpit of a C-130, and I had just popped her in the pilot's seat.  She said "Dad, I'm not gonna fly it."  The sergeant behind me said "She can't can she?"  This is the look she gave him.

jill1.jpg (23686 bytes)

This is Jillian at age 4+.  She looks so sweet.  She likes posing for pictures.

meimei1.jpg (93329 bytes)

This is one of the first pictures we ever saw of Holly.  This is before we went to get her, but after we knew we were going to make her ours.

planehug.jpg (39519 bytes)

Jillian was about 3 1/2 when this was taken over at Evergreen field (Wally's).   She said "Dad, we could take this home and put it in the garage.  It's so messy out there Mom would never notice."  The heck of it is, she's right!

jilldad2.jpg (17147 bytes)This is at Universal Studios, Jillian is 4+ here.  Dad is the disreputable looking one.

jilldis1.jpg (18144 bytes)

On the same trip as the previous picture, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel.  It's cool because you get in to the park early every day, and Goofy gives you the wakeup call.   It's not that special otherwise.







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